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    Hand made embroiders were always the pride of the handicrafts. High quality, elegance and status symbol are meanings that represents your stitchery value. Let us pick the materials you prefer to embroider, and fill your spare time with the pleasure of creation.

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    From Left to Right: Macedonian Canvass No 8 Khaki, matting for children blankets, linen and swathing clothe for babies. All designs we create for you to embroider, are 100% symmetrical. We stamp on pure cotton fabric, using ecological and unfading paintings.
    ...and a small tip about Macedonian canvass. You don't need to fill the entire material by embroidering, but only motifs. This kind of canvass is made to be worked only in the main drawing, because it's beautiful by it self. Threads are not colored, for to become brighter every time you wash it. No worries about the gold one. If you prefer it beige, add a cup of chamomile drink while washing it.

  • Embroidery on linen is an easy way for someone to learn. Cross stitch or vyzantine stitch, just follow the line or cover the area by needlework, and your tablecloth will become a compliment for the room you will lay it. Use a frame if you would like.

  • Use anything that matches on what you are working, and give another option ot the final result. Mettalic threads and laces are also good for embroidery.

Welcome to Kiknos Embroidery

Welcome To Kiknos Embroidery

Since 1973 in Thessaloniki, ''KIKNOS EMBROIDERY'' keeps on working the same old traditional way to stamp our materials.
Our inspiration derives from Byzantine technotropy, but anything beautiful is an inspiration for a new design to embroider. We use only the finest quality of materials. We stamp on canvass khaki and Macedonian, Czech linen, matting for children blankets and swathing cloth for babies, with ecological and unfading paintings.
We check the final product for any falsies and only if the result is good enough, we let it at the market. That's why  our customers are sure about the best quality we offer, that's why we recommend you to trust us.
Embroidery might be a traditional hobby, however we create new, traditional and modern designs for all ages, for all houses.
By embroidering you will fill your spare time in a creative and pleasant way, manufacturing a wonderful, usable and priceless fabric.